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Caselet 1

Client: A leading FMCG company based out of South India

Category: Personal Care - Sanitary napkins

Requirement: Product purchase pattern linked with packaging communication

Time frame: 4 days

Client interaction methodology: Written brief and direct interaction

The case: Client has recently entered into the sanitary napkins market and wanted to understand the perceptions of the target segment

Understand the buying behavior and pack information dissemination
Attitude towards brand/variant change

Methodology of approach:
Focus group and depth interviews amongst young women & their mothers living in semi-urban and rural areas
Competitor packs of players in the category such as Whisper, Carefree, Stayfree, She etc were compared with the client’s product

The findings very clearly traced the planned buying behavior and the possibilities of changing it at the outlet.
Identified reasons for purchase of specific brand & variant
Determined the factors influencing brand loyalty

CCG’s Recommendation:
Additional benefit to be offered in the sanitary napkin that would minimize the product Gap
List of elements/information to be incorporated on the product packaging that would entice the Target segment

Caselet 2

Client: A start-up sports company

Category: Sports

Requirement: Concept Feasibility Study

Time frame: 4 days

Client interaction methodology: Written brief and direct interaction

The case: The client proposes to establish an open-to-public indoor sports facility in Chennai and thus needs to determine the market potential

Understand the need for an indoor sports venture
Services expected from an indoor sports facility
Determine the pricing levels

Methodology of approach:
Interviews with 300+ professional & non-professional sportspersons
Depth Interviews with Sports Coaches

The chennai market seemed to be absolutely inclined towards the indoor sports facility concept proposed by the client

CCG’s Recommendation:
Classification of expected features based on importance level
Potential locations in Chennai for setting up the venture
Pricing levels that would result in maximum market share
A scalable Business Model


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