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CCG has its core competency in Business Consulting. Professionals supporting CCG have several decades of experience in the field of management consulting, training and teaching. Their expertise empowers us to take up a variety of assignments in the areas of corporate strategy, planning, operational research and implementation both for the manufacturing & services sector. Some of our services that come under the consulting domain are:

Quality Improvement Projects

CCG can offer its clients assistance in quality improvements either on a custom process improvement methodology or based on established quality assurance standards like ISO or SEI-CMMI. We can also assist clients for training and hand holding on specific quality improvement tools like six-sigma, TQM etc.

Business Intelligence / Data Analytics Services

CCG can offer its clients help in analysis of operational data to aid key decisions on improving market share, New product plan and launch, Product Portfolio Analysis, Retail Basket Analysis, Retail design using advanced Data Warehousing, OLAP and Data Mining techniques, build enterprise Data Warehouse/Data Marts.

Business and Marketing Plans

We undertake preparation of comprehensive business and marketing plans for organizations. CCG adopts a unique custom-standard approach to business plan formulation, which gives clients the option of choosing from one of CCG’s predefined formats or creating a user defined template. Recently, we have drafted Business plans for clients engaged in Energy, Automobile, Education, Construction, Hospitality, Health Care and IT services.

Marketing Strategy

We help our clients to specialize in developing and implementing result oriented strategies towards forging long term profitable relationship with their customers and staying ahead of their competitors. CCG can undertake a holistic Marketing strategy or focus on specific domains such as Segmentation, Lead Generation, Pricing, Distribution and MarCom. We have supported clients in Retail, FMCG, Textiles, Engineering, ITES, Hospitality and Educational Sectors.

Distribution Channel Studies

We undertake assignments on expanding the distribution network for micro, small and medium scale enterprises. Presently we are assisting one of our clients to expand their sales and distribution network to retailers across Tamilnadu in the FMCG food sector.

Customer Relationship Management

We have evolved CRM programs for small and medium scale companies in product fields as diverse as IT, BFSI, Telecom, Retail, Automobile, Consumer Durables and Industrial products. CRM solutions are offered through Microsoft Dynamics suite of applications.

Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies

We undertake assignments which involve comprehensive technical, marketing, and financial analysis to help clients to set up new ventures, expand existing businesses and turn around sick enterprises. In recent times, we have conducted studies pertaining to site location, sourcing technology, raw material and other inputs, techno-commercial evaluation of tenders on plant and machinery purchase, vendor selection and securing financial assistance.

Working Capital Management

Our approach is integrated, covering all aspects of working capital management. We have helped our clients to accelerate and optimize business cash flows, manage cash resources, restructure existing credit lines and effectively manage relations with lenders and investors.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain solutions are designed around key business processes that include: Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Procurement Planning, Logistics Planning, Scoping and Consulting. Our solutions are based on various tools such as Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model and Monte Carlo Simulation.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions integrate key business and management processes, often replacing multiplicity of legacy systems in the process and providing a high-level view to an organization’s business. CCG in partnership with Microsoft Gold Certified IT partners offer solutions in Microsoft Dynamics suite of products.

Market Entry Strategy

CCG can help clients enter a new market by developing a comprehensive Entry Strategy report which is formulated taking into consideration parameters such as target segment size & characteristics, potential competition, entry barriers, policies & subsidies and reinforced by a detailed PEST analysis.

Market Research

CCG conducts Primary research which involves collecting data for a specific purpose or problem.


We provide comprehensive audit and assurance services designed to deliver real value and underpin investor confidence. We support our clients with various aspects of their audit requirements including tax, compliance, statutory, sales, service, operations, stock etc.

Corporate Training

We are committed to provide organizations with the training and services necessary to help maintain and upgrade their skills, knowledge and collective wisdom.


To build a successful consulting business that stands apart for its excellence.


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